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Scion of Victory

Kita wants vengeance. Her brother’s death signifies the end of a decade-long war and her nation’s defeat. When her divine patron, the God of Victory, offers her a deal, Kita discovers she is much more powerful than she ever anticipated.

Ramint has lost everything. She once dreamed of ruling a city, but instead she runs a small outpost in the mountains, helping weary travelers. When she helps a refugee who is more than she seems, Ramint’s dream once more becomes attainable.

Eva doesn’t know the way home. For three years she has been stranded in a strange land with a companion she trusts less every day. Desperate to understand her growing magic, she seeks out a connection to the gods and finds herself pulled into a struggle she never intended to be part of.

As the lives of these three women converge, they will realize that what they want comes at great cost, and that to achieve success they will first have to confront the darkness within.

Finley’s Fabulous Fun Park

This novel is set in a theme park run by a literal monster who feeds on children’s potential. Alice Montgomery discovers this secret and makes a deal with the park executives to find new ways to appease Finley. Over the years, she pits her mettle against the greed of the board and the monster itself. But the power they offer her might be too enticing to pass up.

Gabi Huerta visited Finley’s Fabulous Fun Park when she was nine, and while there, she went missing. As she grows up, she only vaguely recalls what happened in the tunnels beneath the park, but she believes with all her heart she encountered a monster. And even more concerning, she knows she must return to Finley.


A story cycle tracing the relationship of a couple as they fall in and out of love, never failing to find their way back to one another.

Two previous iterations of “Beached” have been produced or published.

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