On Joy

Hello friends!

I have the unfortunate tendency to read books that have a more serious (read: tragic) tone. I like to joke with my writing buddy that I don’t do “fun” books, but sometimes I need a break from that doom and gloom. Sometimes I just need to read something light and joyful.

I was in one of these moods recently, and thankfully I found the perfect book to provide that: Jonny Garza Villa’s debut novel Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun. While it had its more serious moments, overall the book filled me with pure joy. I smiled so much, I cried some, I texted my friend about how damn cute it was. I sped through the book, too, and I predict rereads in the future. Reading it honestly made me happier than a book has in a while (which is probably my own fault considering my usual reading choices). 

Sometimes life just needs a bit more joy, and it’s nice to know that there are books out there with the potential to create that joy.

What I wrote this week: “Alice Gets an Upgrade.”

What I read this week: The Silvered Serpents by Roshani Chokshi.

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