On Dramatis Personae: Part II

Hello friends!

I’m gearing up to focus more on Finley’s Fabulous Fun Park, so I thought I’d share some about the story and characters.

Firstly, FFFP is set in a fictional theme park, in a world like ours but with monsters. Big monsters, small monsters, everything in between. Some are harmless, but others are more sinister. One of the more sinister kind has made itself at home in the park, where it feeds on children. The park founder cut a deal with this monster decades ago: children in exchange for success and profit.

The story, as I’m working it now, takes place mostly inside the park. Really, theme parks are worlds unto themselves, with their own rules and restrictions and idiosyncrasies. Finley’s Park is no different. And like any world, I have to populate it with interesting characters.

Inside the Park

Alice Montgomery: The heroine. At the start, she’s a high school dropout in her early twenties who has a decent amount of experience with monsters. She’s even killed a couple smaller ones. But when she discovers the monster in the bowels of the park, she realizes that to defeat this villain, she’ll have to play a much longer game.

Finley the Frog: The monster in the park. Having taken on the form of the beloved cartoon frog, the monster loves a deal and requires specific sustenance to stay alive. It takes a particular liking to Alice.

Daniel Yost: A park executive. Yost is all business and Alice reports directly to him. As the years pass, they become friendly acquaintances, but never quite friends.

Gabriela Huerta: A park worker. She’s also had some monstrous encounters, something Alice realizes very soon after meeting her.

The Outside World

Sadie Miller: Alice’s partner. She learns the exact details of Alice’s job and is horrified. She remains supportive of Alice, but over the years they grow apart.

The Children

As mentioned above, Finley feeds on children. Currently, I’m planning on 53 children being lured away by the monster. And yes, I have named every single one.

At least 3 children will be very important:

Claudia Rivera: The first child Alice rescues.

Ryan Rodriguez: A child Alice gives a whole lot to save.

Daynee Blake: The last child Alice negotiates for.

Stay tuned for next week, where I’ll introduce the park itself!

What I wrote this week: Finley prep and outlining.

What I read this week: Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall; The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman; Abaddon’s Gate by James S.A. Corey.

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