On the Query Trenches

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I checked in, and things have been busy! Last year, I revised Finley’s Fabulous Fun Park, my horror novel set in a world of monsters and centered on a theme park. I’ve been querying it since the fall, which is not as exciting as it sounds. Finley’s isContinue reading “On the Query Trenches”

On Revision…Again

Hello friends! Vacation is over, and I’m back to writing. Way back in June, I’d resolved to take a break from working on Kita’s story, and that worked for a bit. However, I’ve taken on a new critique partner and the only thing in good enough condition to send her way is, of course, ScionContinue reading “On Revision…Again”

On Discovery Writing

Hello friends! As I’ve mentioned, I’m a plotter, and I’m convinced this is the right way to approach novels. But short stories are an entirely different beast. When I write a short story, I typically start with an image or a line, and I write from there (or towards there). I don’t outline; I justContinue reading “On Discovery Writing”

On the Evolution of Character

Hello friends! One of my favorite things about writing is the potential every character has to become so much more. By this, I mean that I often begin with one sense of a character, and as I continue working on them, they transform into something else. As with a lot of my work, the bestContinue reading “On the Evolution of Character”

On Plotting and Outlining

Hello friends! I am, undoubtedly and unabashedly, a plotter when it comes to writing. Outlines are my friend. Names and places are the right way to go. While there’s a time and a place for discovery writing or pantsing, I don’t believe you want to be doing that when it comes to drafting.  This isContinue reading “On Plotting and Outlining”

On Adaptations

Hello friends! I’ve waited two months to write this blog. Though, really, I guess it’s been longer. Adaptations. Specifically, book to screen adaptations. Some fall short of fan expectations (see: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief). Others capture the spirit of the book even if they’ve thrown out whole storylines or changed massive plot pointsContinue reading “On Adaptations”

On Conventions

Hello friends! I’ve already mentioned I’m not a very social person. I like my small gatherings and tight-knit groups. So when I went to my first writing convention last fall, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d enjoy myself. Of course, due to the chaos of last year, the 2020 World Fantasy Convention was held virtually. IContinue reading “On Conventions”