On Conventions

Hello friends! I’ve already mentioned I’m not a very social person. I like my small gatherings and tight-knit groups. So when I went to my first writing convention last fall, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d enjoy myself. Of course, due to the chaos of last year, the 2020 World Fantasy Convention was held virtually. IContinue reading “On Conventions”

On Group Chats and Found Families

Hello friends! One of my favorite tropes, in life and fiction, has always been found families. I always found myself attracted to stories that explored that idea, like The Thief Lord and Maximum Ride. As I got older, I found that I was still really into the idea, and I started noticing the trend inContinue reading “On Group Chats and Found Families”

On the Importance of Writing Buddies

Hello friends! I think one of the most-widely circulated lies about writing is that it’s a solitary profession. I heartily disagree. If done right, it should not be solitary. Some days it’s hard to get a word out; some plot holes seem too big to patch up. But what can help both of those things?Continue reading “On the Importance of Writing Buddies”