On Dramatis Personae

Hello friends!

I am very excited to have you here and to talk a little bit about my work. For the last several years I have been hard at work on the tentatively-titled Scion of Victory trilogy. It has been a lot of hard work, and it’s not an understatement to say that I have thought about this story and these characters every day for the last four years.

You can read a bit about Scion of Victory and my other works in progress here. But I wanted to take the time to talk about my characters specifically.

Creating characters is no easy feat. Creating realistic, well-rounded characters is even more difficult. I hope I’ve pulled that off, at least with the important characters of Scion of Victory. I’ve also added a quote from the book for each. Without further ado, here we go!

The Narrators

Kita Toddentry: A 24-year-old noble Bursettan with a desire to do more. Kita finds herself far from home at the end of a decade-long war, but she’s convinced the God of Victory will help her to succeed. The youngest of four, Kita has always felt the shadows of her brothers looming over her life and has struggled to shine on her own merit.

“She backed away from Jekk, listening. …she heard nothing beyond the two of them, no sign of danger… It was reckless, she knew. Reckless and stupid. But Kita darted away from her husband and turned that corner before he could stop her…”

Ramint Fluryne: A 38-year-old Taulithian exile who’s given up on her dreams. Ramint has a penchant for helping weary travelers on their way, and her life seems simple until she meets Kita. She was once married, but her wife died more than a decade ago, a loss that still echoes in her life.

“During her first winter in charge of Laud, she had found three travelers frozen to death not thirty minutes outside the village’s border. Had she bothered to seek out those in need of her aid, they might have lived.”

Eva Marisco: A 28-year-old foreigner who has a magic she’s struggling to understand. Eva believes her magic brought her to the realm of Bursett and might pull her home, if only she can learn more about it. Her tight-lipped companion might know more about the magic, but he isn’t keen on revealing his secrets.

“Eva had never liked camping. In what felt like another life, her dad had tried to get her to appreciate sleeping in the great outdoors, taking her and her little sister into the mountains for days at a time… Eva had hated those trips.”

The Supporting Cast

Jekk Dimitrion: A 27-year-old Bursettan noble, and Kita’s husband of seven years. Jekk has made a name for himself as a tactician who advised the king, but is no skilled warrior. He became friends with Kita and her brother Isanto when they were all children.

“Jekk said nothing of her recklessness, her defiance. Kita had seen women struck for such disobedience, but Jekk only sighed. He rarely shouted, and he had never touched her with anything but gentleness…”

Fahvitt Skalann: A 30-year-old ex-soldier who fought for Bursett. When he deserted, he was sentenced to death but slipped away into the mountains, where he met Ramint. The two are close friends, and like her, he believes his life is simple until he meets Kita.

“Fahvitt had been Ramint’s second-in-command for about five years, and she had chosen him in part because he balanced her out. Where she always extended a hand of help to any who crossed her path, Fahvitt was wary of all he met. His life had been difficult in different ways than hers had.”

Gabriel O’Shea: Eva’s travel companion. He doesn’t often speak of his life before he met Eva, about eight years ago, and Eva suspects many reasons behind this. He has his own magic different from Eva’s, but he’s helped her explore hers. 

“Of course, it had crossed Eva’s mind that Gabriel could be lying. He might have slain the hunter and buried him far from their new home. She had known him to do worse, had watched him rip souls from their bodies as easily as plucking a hangnail.”

The God of Victory: Also simply called Victory. A minor Bursettan god who pushes Kita to excel and pursue greatness.

“Victory’s voice was smooth as silk, deep as a lake. Kita wanted to revel in it. They crouched before her, their face filling her vision once more. They pressed a kiss to her forehead, and light filled her.”

Artwork by Renée Beaudoin. Check out her work here.

What I wrote this week: Draft 4, chapters 11, 12, 13, 17, and 20. 

What I read this week: The Empress of Salt and Fortune by Nghi Vo; They Could Have Named Her Anything by Stephanie Jimenez.

One thought on “On Dramatis Personae

  1. These are some great highlights of your characters. I must admit, I don’t give mine as much thought, though I could benefit from giving them a bit of background before starting on my stories. Thanks for sharing!


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