On Adaptations

Hello friends! I’ve waited two months to write this blog. Though, really, I guess it’s been longer. Adaptations. Specifically, book to screen adaptations. Some fall short of fan expectations (see: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief). Others capture the spirit of the book even if they’ve thrown out whole storylines or changed massive plot pointsContinue reading “On Adaptations”

On Conventions

Hello friends! I’ve already mentioned I’m not a very social person. I like my small gatherings and tight-knit groups. So when I went to my first writing convention last fall, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d enjoy myself. Of course, due to the chaos of last year, the 2020 World Fantasy Convention was held virtually. IContinue reading “On Conventions”

On Writers’ Block

Hello, friends! Sometimes, writing is hard — and not for any particular reason. Sometimes, the words just won’t come. There are various opinions on this sort of blockage and how to address it. Some advice suggests working through it. Some people believe in taking breaks. Obviously, there’s no one-size solution to writers’ block. Sometimes, IContinue reading “On Writers’ Block”

On Dramatis Personae: Part II

Hello friends! I’m gearing up to focus more on Finley’s Fabulous Fun Park, so I thought I’d share some about the story and characters. Firstly, FFFP is set in a fictional theme park, in a world like ours but with monsters. Big monsters, small monsters, everything in between. Some are harmless, but others are moreContinue reading “On Dramatis Personae: Part II”

On Critiques: Giving

Hello friends! Giving critique is also important! As I’ve mentioned, I have a writing buddy, and our writing relationship is built on giving each other sound, quality feedback on our work. When giving her feedback, I read everything twice. She usually asks me specific questions, but I don’t even look at them until my secondContinue reading “On Critiques: Giving”

On Critiques: Receiving

Hello friends! An important part of the writing process is, unnervingly, letting other people read your work. This is, as most writers can attest, absolutely terrifying.  What do you mean, other people have to read my work? Why would I want that? They’ll just judge it or hate it or think it’s a waste ofContinue reading “On Critiques: Receiving”

On Writing What You Know

Hello, friends! Write what you know. I’ve heard that so many times in my life, it kinda drives me nuts. Do you know how bored I would be if I only wrote what I know? Sure, there would be cool things: an impressive amount of pop punk lyrics, random tidbits about Greek mythological figures (butContinue reading “On Writing What You Know”

On Teachers and Mentors

Hello friends! I’ve already made clear my opinion on writing being a solitary occupation (it’s not). And while I’ve been influenced by fellow writers and critique partners, I’ve also been lucky enough to have encountered several mentors throughout my life. Today, I wanna talk about two of them in particular. First up: my tenth gradeContinue reading “On Teachers and Mentors”

On Introversion

Hello friends! Like many other writers, I am an introvert. I figured this out sometime in childhood, when at every family function I would go hide with a book, but I didn’t really understand it until college. I was raised in a tight-knit church community that met every Sunday and during any given week hadContinue reading “On Introversion”